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  1. volt goats break the game

    i killed off all the goats because going near them sometimes caused me to crash a few times and i didnt want to risk it happening again, so i dont know if the save will be any good now, but sure, i can do that!
  2. i have a world with all three modes enabled. the volt goats completely break the game. they dont move, they cant be attacked, and for some reason, when im near them i cant seem to eat anything? i cant attack anything else thats near them either, nor can i put anything down. i can only eat/attack things at night, but when its day/dusk, they seem to have a ring of weirdness that affects all the other mobs too. it's like we're stuck in some kind of limbo but the only one thats slowly dying is me. i made a new seed to see if this would happen again, but the goats acted fine. they didnt move, but they baaed, and could be attacked and killed, plus the other mobs act fine when near them too. it's really strange. edit: dont pick grass near them because that will get you stuck. an easy fix seems to be to wait until night and kill them off. sorry for so many gifs, this is just a really cool and bizarre thing to happen.
  3. i switched from the hamlet world to the shipwrecked world, stayed there for a good while, and then came back to hamlet while it was in the bloodmoon phase. i reversed the clock and came back to the fiesta, and then went back to shipwrecked. coming back to hamlet after another good while, the fiesta is still going while the bloodmoon is out. everything is locked and the guards had the sense to hide, but all the other pigs are out and dancing and lighting firecrackers as if everything is well with the world, despite the ancient herald looming over them. i find it quite funny. thank you, i hope this helps!
  4. hammering some things in the ocean seems impossible. all the character does is sail into the object, even if i click right on the edge of the thing. i can hammer stuff like bouys and fish farms, but the palace and reefs are no goes. if i want to break a reef, i have to use a boat cannon, which doesnt give me them lil nub things to make another reef. also, not sure if this is worth mentioning, but this is a world linked with hamlet. thank you, i hope this helps!
  5. hello! when you plant a magic flower, you have to reload the game for the black bar to appear, otherwise you can comfortably continue to play without the health limit. if you dig up the flower with the health limit and never replant it, the black bar remains until you reload. id moved from the ham world to the shipwrecked world, and i dug up the flower and brought it with me, all done without reloading. i planted it, and went on my way with only the one bar. i loaded back in some hours later and now i have two black bars. i reloaded again with the dug up flower and its taken it back to the one bar, even though i dont have any other respawns. my guess is that the health will be screwy until i die and use the flower, which is something i really dont want to do. i guess ill have to remember to dig up the flower before i quit so i dont have to reset the health through reloads, which is a bit annoying. so heres a heads up: if you want to change worlds and bring along a magic flower, dig it up and quit first so your health penalty doesnt get doubled! thank you, i hope this helps!
  6. thank you for the help, but i think ill just restart entirely. to make the skyworthy id need the can of string, which i cant get because the second pig village ruin didnt spawn on the main island either, but thank you! if this ever happens again ill definitely use that command.
  7. oof wow, thats a bummer. i had a guess it would be the island closest to roc, it just sucks that the original entrance is detached from the main island. still though, thank you so much for taking the time to find that! i thought i was going crazy.
  8. sorry, i should have included the whole map, but no, the only thing up there is more iron, meadow, and normal green turf. funnily enough, there isnt any other ruins up there either. i was recommended to attach the save file, but ive never done this before, so i hope i did it right! thank you for looking into this! porkland_2 thank you for this information! i wouldnt have had a clue on how to get the seed otherwise, nor would i have thought to attach the save file!
  9. hello! there seems to be a problem where i cant find the ruins that lead to both the second pig village nor the calender island. this has never happened before. i thought "oh maybe theres an entrance on pugalisks island this time!", but all i got for my search was a death and a dump of all my stuff. im on day 56, and ive checked around as thoroughly as possible. there is an island near the rocs nest, but to get there id have to spawn in the telepoof staff thing, which makes me feel bad since it would be cheating. but yknow, sometimes it really do be like that. maybe not relevant or not, but im 90% sure i set the world size to large. again, before this, this has never happened before. thank you, i hope this helps!
  10. funky fps

    rabid beetles in the forest cause major game jittering issues, getting the fps to stay at a solid 7 until i leave or kill them. theres actually been enough of a slow down in the game that they caught up to me by pushing each other forward and killing me. theyre not fun to deal with in the slightest, even with the begone bug gun, because the lag sometimes makes it incapable of planting an acid cloud. listen, sometimes self care is going into god mode because youve just had Enough.
  11. i have a really bad memory so i dont remember if i got the sow or not, but im pretty sure i did? not sure if that helps in any way. it's really funny to me that it slowly etched itself out the boundaries of the room, and then out of existence, because honestly? mood.
  12. this has happened quite a few times in the same save file where the warrior mant blood moon things have been wandering around despite there being no blood moon, and theyre not exactly easy to shake off since they never change their target from you to something else. they even wait for you when you go inside a building. fighting off four of them when already low on health because of the rabid ladybugs also isnt fun. i feel like they shouldnt be out if it isnt the aporkalypse? because not even the pig guards or any of the villages react to their presence. maybe they are supposed to be out, i dunno.
  13. after the aporkalypse has been rewinded, there always seems to be at least one out and about that im always unlucky enough to run past, and im glad it's only the one wanderer. and not only are these guys relentless in their chase, the pig guards dont target them either! the locals dont seem to mind their presence either. maybe it's because im a bad mayor that they refuse to help thank you, i hope this helps! *edit* never mind i just ran into three of them at once
  14. hello! i saw this on the edge of an island and im not sure what it is. it doesnt appear on the map as anything. ive traced it all the way around the island to see where it goes and it seems to branch away. maybe it's a part of another island that hasnt loaded correctly? it's cool either way! just for reference, the island im on is where the aporkalypse calendar is. i dunno if that makes a difference or not, but i feel like it's worth mentioning. thank you, i hope this helps!
  15. hello! there seems to be a bug where a piko will run up and spawn from a chopped tree if you leave the stump, though they dont seem to spawn if you dig the stump up. it's kinda unfair but still funny when they steal something and disappear up an invisible tree. another thing with the pikos is, if you scare them up a tree, they dont ever come back down? even when i left and came back, none of the piko's had reemerged from their trees. thank you, i hope this helps!