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  1. hello! there was a recent bug patch and this was right at the bottom of the page: it's most likely the reason your door is gone, though im not sure why the maps flipped. i hope this helps!
  2. hello! this happened in a previous world (with no resurrection things) so i tested this without mods installed. when you die before a full moon and wait for woodie to turn, you can be resurrected. the "you are dead" screen sticks, but you can gnaw and attack things like normal, and when you turn back, you can move around and go about your day as if you were alive. the hud disappears and you cant interact with what youve picked up, plus the dead screen stays with you, so its not exactly an exploit, it's just something interesting i found. kind of like when the roc carried your dead body and you could move around on the island she sent you to. the first shot is my death before i turned, the second is me as the werebeaver, and the third is me after turning back to normal. the morgue also catalogs both deaths. thank you, i hope this helps! dont starve: woodies ghost dies twice
  3. hello! i saw there was a recent update (like probably half an hour after this happened to me), and whatever the update was seems to have fixed the frozen problem, since the file with the mods is working fine now and i cant seem to recreate this modless like i could (plus in those screenshots i died because of hunger, just to see if i could). im sorry for the inconvenience, but thank you for fixing it anyway!
  4. *as of the recent update, this is no longer a problem!* this happened in a 200+ day old save file with mods, so i tried to see if i could recreate it without any mods. this has never happened before. i dont even know how to word it, but it seems that getting to a day past 200, saving your game inside a built in room while in the middle of monsoon season, then loading back in, completely freezes the game. i saved during the start of monsoon season and it loaded in fine (not sure if it's important or not, but i waited until it was raining to save. at least on the second try). i dont know if it's that specific and happens in the middle of every season while saving in a built-in room, but its frozen both with and without mods at that (roughly) exact spot, so maybe it's the monsoon season thats the problem? while youre frozen, your hunger drains, which can kill you. ive reloaded a bunch of times - on one reload, time started moving, i could turn my character from side to side and inspect things but couldnt move around, and on the second, i was just completely frozen again. probably not important, but packim' disappeared on a reload too. i guess he knew what was coming. so i guess dont save in an interior room in shipwrecked while it's monsoon season? that sounds like a very specific curse. thank you, i hope this helps!
  5. i was really curious to see if you could avoid the meteor shower all together by staying inside a house, or if a meteor could hit the house while you were inside it. i did a bit of cheating to get the results, but im sure this happens in normal gameplay. probably. the first time, i waited outside, and then went inside. absolutely no hesitation; the eggs hit every spot possible without care, destroying and burning everything. the goons, like the crocos, can get stuck on the edges of the house and be there indefinitely, though they can slip past. rocks that get stuck on the side of the wall are there permanently, even if you have the lazy forager. they just be jigglin'. the second time, i waited inside a shop, and it pretty much had the same results. though the eggs didnt strike directly inside, the little blast rings the eggs make upon landing was enough to make everything catch on fire. anything that falls outside the boundaries of a house and cant get back stays there for every other building you enter, like goons. and so do the noises they make. i guess this is also a good time to mention that killed off shop members are never replaced, even if their shop is destroyed via a meteor/set on fire and rebuilt with a normal hammer multiple times. course, if there were constant meteor showers within the area, i probably wouldnt want to work there either. either way, im real glad i didnt try this out in my main save. sorry it's so long, but i hope this helps!
  6. when you're given a coin for poop picking, the trader stays frozen for a couple of seconds. if you want to get another coin for poop picking, you have to wait until the frozen pig moves, or else the next picking wont count (or just hope another pig comes and gives you a coin, but that never seems to happen with me). attacking them is a lot easier because of this; even if youre interrupted, you could easily sidestep the attack and still have enough time to finish them off quickly. also i never noticed til after, but in the second gif, she dies and then runs away. thats a skill i wish i had. *edit* i noticed that they get stunlocked when giving you their tax money too, so i added it to the title. thank you, i hope this helps!
  7. perhaps ro bin being in shipwrecked at all is a bug in itself, since chester and packim' cant leave their worlds, but if youre moving too fast in the water, ro bin gets stuck, and to get her unstuck you have to go out and get close to her again until she follows you. ive noticed she always gets stuck right in the middle of a colour change. another thing is, upon starting up the game, ro bin flew off, and i was so confused as to why that i went godmode and followed her. turns out, if you leave the gizzard stone on the ground, exit, then reload, ro bin goes off to find the fishbone to latch on to instead. picking up both the bone and stone doesnt equal in both ro bin and packim', and neither does reloading the game, though ro bin will follow both the stone and bone. i decided to test this out in a separate save, and it seems like ro bin overrides chesters and packims spots to the point she goes off to find the others bones, which isnt exactly ideal in an unexplored world like shipwrecked. and if you leave ro in hamlet, load in packim, then bring ro bin back to shipwrecked, packim disappears completely. and if you keep going back and forth between the same two worlds quickly, ro bin runs off too, despite both items being with you; though this can be fixed by going back to hamlet. sorry this is such a mouth full, i was just so confused as to why ro bin just. flew off. thank you, i hope this helps!
  8. ive noticed that after ten in game days of playing, birds will stop flocking to the ground. it can be fixed with a reload, but im pretty sure birds will stop appearing earlier and earlier unless you completely restart the game, and after a while, it grows tedious. thank you, i hope this helps!
  9. i did! it's kinda cool, because if you reload while things are in the clouds, things that can float will float and they can be retrieved, but even if they are shown as floating, they can still get pushed by the wind. thats a mouthful! also, just a quick question; is it alright if i continue to play on the save file i sent? i dont want to ruin to file or anything. thank you again!
  10. oh, thats cool! but nah, since i posted this, the twigs and torches have been there since, the only difference being the twigs are 'floating' now.
  11. i know the wind blows them away, but i didnt expect them to bypass the boundaries to the clouds. they pass to the clouds without any resistance at all, and once theyre there, unless you have the orange amulet or the wind blows them back, they stay there indefinitely. thank you for looking into it!
  12. pack your stuff into chests if you dont want the wind helping the clouds in their acts of thievery. edit: the wind brought the brolly back! it blows me away how kind nature can sometimes be
  13. i killed off all the goats because going near them sometimes caused me to crash a few times and i didnt want to risk it happening again, so i dont know if the save will be any good now, but sure, i can do that!
  14. i have a world with all three modes enabled. the volt goats completely break the game. they dont move, they cant be attacked, and for some reason, when im near them i cant seem to eat anything? i cant attack anything else thats near them either, nor can i put anything down. i can only eat/attack things at night, but when its day/dusk, they seem to have a ring of weirdness that affects all the other mobs too. it's like we're stuck in some kind of limbo but the only one thats slowly dying is me. i made a new seed to see if this would happen again, but the goats acted fine. they didnt move, but they baaed, and could be attacked and killed, plus the other mobs act fine when near them too. it's really strange. edit: dont pick grass near them because that will get you stuck. an easy fix seems to be to wait until night and kill them off. sorry for so many gifs, this is just a really cool and bizarre thing to happen.
  15. i switched from the hamlet world to the shipwrecked world, stayed there for a good while, and then came back to hamlet while it was in the bloodmoon phase. i reversed the clock and came back to the fiesta, and then went back to shipwrecked. coming back to hamlet after another good while, the fiesta is still going while the bloodmoon is out. everything is locked and the guards had the sense to hide, but all the other pigs are out and dancing and lighting firecrackers as if everything is well with the world, despite the ancient herald looming over them. i find it quite funny. thank you, i hope this helps!