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Ro-bin despawn in ruins

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Leaving Ro Bin in ruins room and going to different room despawns it

Steps to Reproduce
*Have Ro Bin *Go to ruins *Leave Ro Bin in room *Go to next room and come back, it despawned, may be need to move a few more rooms tho :(

User Feedback

I'm not able to repro this one. Its possible this was fixed while fixing something else.  Can you confirm this still happens?

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Yes it, still does. It seem like it doesn't always happen though, may be some condition need to be met. Try leaving ro bin in first ruins room, then move between inside of ruin, in the first room, then go to second room, move ro bin outside and back in first room may be, that made bug happen to me this time. It should happen eventually, if not, I'll try make gif to showcase what I'm doing to make bug happen.

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