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Rabid Beetles spawn in 1st season (10th day)

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

So I started a new world and played till day 10. Then I stopped playing for some time.

Several hours later I loaded that world again - now there are ladybugs (rabid beetles) and their eggs everywhere...

Ps. default world settings


Steps to Reproduce
I'm not sure what caused this bug...

User Feedback

Those are indeed bugs! But not the kind you're thinking of. These little guys didn't come out of nowhere, you've already met them when they were still little babies. The glowflies that spawn from exotic flowers undergo metamorphosis into rabid beetles near the end of the mild season. Just hang clear of the jungle, as that's where they spawn en masse going into the humid season.

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Yeah, I know they grow from the glowflies. But I was under impression, that they should spawn at the start of the Humid season NOT at the end of Temperate one. Was I wrong?

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