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Hamlet won't update

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The game won't update to the aporkalypse update. I've tried things like restarting steam, clearing game cache, high priority updates and other stuff, but my game still won't update.  wilson.JPG.32dd02a981f96c12049e67a77cbf368a.JPGtime.JPG.bb11a9d7ee7cc6a931be8fe12f4ebfb7.JPG

Steps to Reproduce
I was on steam trying to launch Don't Starve, and I thought it would update on its own, but there's no aporkalypse, or any sign that it needs to be updated.

User Feedback

I don't think spamming the problem is gonna make your bug get busted any quicker than other bugs, it would just clutter the forums. Let klei watch your post when they can

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Are you sure you're not on a beta branch?

If not, you can try uninstalling and re-installing the game.

If the game doesn't update it is really a steam problem, and we have no control over that.

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