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Forced to purchase items found within Pig Ruins

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Items on the pedestals in the secret rooms within pig ruins all require 1 oinc to take, as if you were purchasing them from a shop. It appears to affect all the pig ruins (or at least the 2 I checked). This issue has only presented itself on one world. All previous worlds, and a new world to test the bug did not present the issue.20181228211115_1.thumb.jpg.f8d53e70323c5039d44f28f859f74464.jpg


Steps to Reproduce
Not sure how to reproduce. Brand new world, and no world settings were changed, but it could not be replicated.

User Feedback

10 hours ago, mateuscmed said:

Still worth it. lol

Yeah, but it's annoying since I don't normally carry oincs with me while exploring the ruins.

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If you still encounter this again, could you save in that room and submit a bug report? (Main Menu>Options>Report Bug - mention save slot number and the issue) - We would like to have a look at this.


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