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Entity count way too high

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

So for what ever reason, my day 60 world seems to be having an issue when im inside of buildings of any kind, cave clefts, ruins, my own house, you name it. upon further investigation I saw that when i pressed backspace it said something like "Entity count: 42,529 (1436 awake)" when i was outside, but when I walked inside of anything the "entity count" would jump up to like (6850 awake) which i assume has something to do with the sudden performance issues when I enter anything like this, I almost died because I was basically experiencing lag, the whole game would just stop or stutter. I hope this information helps.    

Steps to Reproduce
Start a world, explore a large quantity of the world including ruins and any other kind of structure that you can enter, then experience the strange frame lag.

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