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DS/RoG is mixed with hamlet.

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Hamlet and DS/RoG is mixing itself together and this needs to be looked at.

Idk how much of mixed stuff there is, but its definitely a lot of things. First off, a list:

*when you start a DS/RoG world the first season looks like spring, except it isn't, it feels more like its the same color palet as hamlet's lush season, or as i said before, spring but its still the normal autumn music.

*Some people have mentioned they don't have the RoG biomes which probably the case of hamlet mixing with DS RoG (even some that dont have hamlet)

*only 2 seasons are working in DS RoG

*When things fall out of the world its the cloud puffs and not rain splash.

You can make machetes in DS/RoG for no reason.

*random wind appears in normal DS/RoG 

*Webber spawns with his shamlet mask in DS/RoG

This is what i've collected so far, i'll add more if i stumble upon more.

SW + DS however seems completely fine however (don't count on that though.


But it really seems like this is happening for everyone, even for the people who don't even have Hamlet.




Steps to Reproduce
Just try and play DS/RoG with hamlet. i don't know what else to say.

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