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Bugs while riding Beefalos and Beefalo related

  • Version: Console Fixed

- Beefalos don't have base dmg. While riding a Beefalo base dmg is given by equipped weapon or item.

- If weapon or item not equipped and you attack on Beefalo, Beefalo disappears.



- Activating Skyworthy to travel to RoG and Hamlet while riding a Beefalo makes Skyworthy disappear and when u spawn in new dlc world, you spawn in the middle of nothing. The worst part of this bug is, if you travel to SW under the same conditions, you'll immediately spawn in the middle of the ocean and die.




- Game crashes if you attempt to use razor on an asleep Beefalo. (Ty @DrRamone)



- I've heard reports of people having problems crafting the Steel Brush, haven't experienced it myself, but I thought might be good to report it anyways


- Brush sometimes gets buggy and u cannot brush with it anymore. 



- There is no salt lick in the game.

- There is no proper animation for attacking with weapons or staves while riding a Beefalo. You just see the fire balls and the ice balls spawn from the middle of the Beefalo.

Steps to Reproduce
Ride a Beefalo. Use Skyworthy. Bug time.

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

I also have an issue with beefalos, but a different one. Everytime I try to shave one, my game crashes.

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The shave, world hopping and brush crash problem have been fixed. As well as the projectile anims when riding. 

But I'll have to dig in more to find out why the brush stops working. 

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