(beta)hail in shanty

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

In a sw-hl compatible world, when it is hurricane season, build a shanty in sw, hails will fall in the shanty, and they can be picked up.

Steps to Reproduce
build a shanty in sw, and wait a storm.

User Feedback

Can confirm.

While I have experienced some but not all, it is could be assumed that:

-Hound and Crocodog waves spawn while inside. (seriously Klei just copy paste the new vampire bat wave code. They somehow never spawn a single bat each time you use the sea/skyworthy)

-Smoldering inside.

-Hail inside.

-Puddles inside.

-Giants spawning inside.

-Volcanic eruptions inside.

Previously strong winds, lightning and rain occured inside, but I can confirm they do no longer.

Also should interiors provide some protection against overheating/freezing?


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