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A lot of grass

Baranov Max
  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending


Generation creates worlds with a lot of grass. Well, just a lot of grass. Because of this, FPS drawdowns occur.



Steps to Reproduce
Just explored the world ( This generation )

User Feedback

Hello @Baranov Max, welcome to the forums. You are experiencing a lot of lag because you are using that Minimap HUD. It renders every specific piece of grass tuft on that mini map constantly. Which eats up a lot of the memory thereby decreasing game performance. Without that mod, there would be little to no lag at all. Disable that mod and everything should perform better.

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I also have dropped frames from large piles of grass. And I haven't played with any mods. And don't get me started on pigs lighting 500 grass on fire all at once. Its not that 1 set piece of grass causes it but when several set pieces of grass spawn right next to each other. Same with places like the jungle from all the mobs that pile up every year but never despawn.

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