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World Gen May Overlap Important Setpieces

  • DLC VERSION - IMPORTANT!: Hamlet Pending

A few more checks for proper world gen needed for setpieces in Hamlet.  Not that I ever get this far to need it, but the Stone Thing setpiece was overlapped by a farm which left it without the actual Stone Thing.  I've also had a few occasions of a farm appearing inset within the perimeter of the pig village.


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Once I had a save where only half of Swinesbury generated, and it wasn't the half with the Slanty Shanty, so to be able to take refuge from the fog and avoid having pogs empty my chests onto the floor I had to go live in a dungeon until around the beginning of lush season because it took me that long to get the Key to the City.

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I'd have rage quit getting that kind of luck.  I've also noped out of worlds where the shanty is furthest away from the jungle.  Hamlet's brutal enough without bad world gen getting into the mix. :o

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I've encountered another instance where faulty world gen eliminates the Palace Entrance.  Same situation as before, farms are placed in an overlapping fashion to break setpiece. Please fixxxxxxxx.


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