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mods refuse to be enabled by normal means

The Noon Fish
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after the hotfix, mods no longer stay enabled by normal means. Have not tried force-enabling them however

Steps to Reproduce

1.) enable mod(s) and let the game load
2.) go back to mod menu and see that the mod(s) has un-enabled itself

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User Feedback

Tried to use the "pre2023version" of the game but doesn't work either :( .



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I found the solution to my case!

The problem was the "Insight(Show Me+)" mod. I unsubriscribed it and tried to enable the other mods and work.

But if you want the "Insight(Show Me+)" enabled you will need this mod ("Fix Insight with this update" mod): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3033513722

Follow the steps:
1. Unsubriscribe "Insight(Show Me+)"

2. Subscribe in "Fix Insight with this update" (link)

3. Enable "Fix Insight with this update"

4. Subscribe "Insight(Show Me+)"

5. Enable "Insight(Show Me+)"




Hope this help you all too!

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19 hours ago, Faiskan said:


ok then that means this is just a dupe bug report, as another bug report said that insight corrupts the modindex. Thanks for letting us know of a fix for this while the devs work on it.

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