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Armor loses durability when hitting Wheeler while she's dodging.

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While Wheeler is dodging and she gets hit while having armor the armor will lose durability but she won't take any damage, I don't think it makes much sense to have her armor lose durability even though she's "dodging" attacks. At least make it so that she doesn't take sanity damage from attacks while she's dodging with Vortex Cloak or Night Armor equipped.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Dodge as Wheeler,

2. While in the invincible animation is playing see that any damage you take will damage the armor Wheeler has equipped.

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User Feedback

Yeah, this is a weird mechanic and I've never been clear on whether it's intentional. It seems like it might not be, since your armor also loses durability if you get hit while invincible for other reasons, like the instant after going through a door or while you have godmode on.

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