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Year of Carrat Structures Missing

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I have a friends only/local server running and there are carrats all around on the ground and I saw the carrat shrine available to build previously on the same server, but now I can't find the shrine under any of the tabs, it should be under the structures tab, right? Is there a console command to enable the recipe again? Thanks.

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Since the Wendy update

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Unfortunately The Year of the Carrat event has concluded. Servers can enable specific events when creating a new world via the world customization settings. By default, events automatically are enabled and disabled as as they come and go. 

We do not have an officially supported way of forcing events on once a while has been created, but some users have figured out ways (see link below). Should you try to use console commands to enable an event, we strongly suggest you back up your entire save directly before doing so, in case something goes wrong.


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