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  1. I have a friends only/local server running and there are carrats all around on the ground and I saw the carrat shrine available to build previously on the same server, but now I can't find the shrine under any of the tabs, it should be under the structures tab, right? Is there a console command to enable the recipe again? Thanks.
  2. Lights will not obey their machine.ison state when run through the interiorspawner component upon transitions into interiors. Adding if v.Light and v.components.machine and not v.components.machine.ison then v.Light:Enable(false) end To around line 1262 to scripts/components/interiorspawn.lua seems to resolve the problem for not only lanterns but all lights that can be toggled, e.g. tarlamp.
  3. Willow's lighter does not relight upon transition from interior to interior or interior to exterior. The instance of the lighterfire prefab upon equipping is not initialized with the"INTERIOR_LIMBO_IMMUNE") tag. Therefore, the lighterfire prefab does not survive interior limbo like a torch would. This change can be made in the scripts/prefab/lighter.lua file, adding the line to add the tag after line 25.
  4. Lanterns will produce the same light radius as if they are on in cave clefts when left on the ground. Issue resolves when turned back on and off again, but then the burning lantern sound still plays in the dark.
  5. I have the same problem and this is not just the lightning strikes that are supposed to happen during humid season, they are happening when the sun is shining and their's no rain or fog.
  6. I'm having the same issue. Not sure how to increase visibility of this bug.
  7. I tried putting an advanced farm in my house. I was able to plant a seed and the crop displayed as normal. After leaving then returning to my house the farm is empty, missing the crop and the white fencing. The option to hammer is no longer visible, so it's stuck in my house. It'd be cool if farms could work indoors.