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WX-78 doesnt take damage form wetness.

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Wetness doesnt damaged WX-78, and they only take damage form ranining.


Steps to Reproduce

Wearing fashion melon, icecube or toss water balloon etc... to get wetness.

Wx takes no damage.

User Feedback

Not sure if this mechanic was intended but this has been a thing for years now.

A more interesting thing to note is that if you are currently drying off while being wet and its raining, you take "drying damage". When it stops raining, you no longer take drying damage.

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I checked the bug in dont starve single version, WX still takes damage form water, and in wiki the page, it said in dont starvet together version, Wx takes 0.05 to 0.5 damage if water level above 0, so it is probaly not a feature.

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