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  1. Not sure if this mechanic was intended but this has been a thing for years now. A more interesting thing to note is that if you are currently drying off while being wet and its raining, you take "drying damage". When it stops raining, you no longer take drying damage.
  2. Clicking a tile then resetting the game does not revert the highlighted selection upon reset, which can be done multiple times. This has no effect on the actual gameplay itself. Actions that remove the highlighted areas (de-selecting, mixing, invalid mixing) will remove the highlighted bug.
  3. Using Cut Stone to craft a statue will display it as a black statue. Upon closing the server and opening it back up (whether locally hosted or dedicated) reverts the icon as if you used a Marble to craft the statue. 22/6 Edit: Same issue regarding Glass statues
  4. @ScottHansen It's often mods that add more icons to the map that causes issues with not just hay walls, but walls in general. I haven't used any of these but I hear multiple issues regarding glitched walls from these lists of mods. Extended Map Icons Wall Map Icons and the aforementioned Where's My Beefalo effirmaevei stated. Sometimes these same mods also causes issue to have an inability to target Dragonfly even with force attack key and mouse clicking.
  5. Search and/or disable your client mods (or server mods) from steam workshop, this is a well known issue on the modding side and has nothing to do with Klei.
  6. It is possible for a human to replicate this without the use of the mod, albeit slower. There is downtime when the land connects where the game puts you back to the idle animation. If you are holding the attack key, it'll look like one continuous loop. You can effectively reduce the down time by moving as soon as the move connects by simply pressing and releasing your movement key as fast as you can. Lag compensation helps with this, which is what makes the mod attack extremely fast, it uses the animation cancellation to attack faster by pressing and releasing a movement key faster than most humans would be capable doing on top of having consistency.
  7. Seems to relate to the Winter Feast tables being connected, though sometimes it crashes, sometimes it doesn't.
  8. More info Tables close together and consumed together all disappear as well when fully consumed. Meals that were placed on the table and removed afterwards do not disappear.
  9. The Winter Feast table disappears when the server closes down and gets booted up again when a meal has been eating off of it completely. Before and After effects: Top Left: No meal was ever placed on the table Top Right: A meal was placed and fully consumed, the table stays there until the server gets rebooted however Bottom Left: The meal was partially eaten Bottom Right: The meal was placed but never eaten
  10. This issue was previously fixed a couple days ago but it only applied to Merms when there is NOT an active King. When a King is present, Merms no longer attack non-Wurt players unless struck first (neutral position). Should the King ever die, Merms will then attack non-Wurt players (unless they wear the disguise)
  11. Roasted Birchnut (Birchnut has the option but does not take the offer) Butter Cactus Flower (Yet Flower Salad has an option to give and is accepted) Milk Mandrake (Mandrake Soup has the option and is accepted) Phlegm Rotten Egg (Wurt cannot eat normal eggs but eats rotten ones?) Unsure if intentional. If you give a (lesser) Glowberry to a Royal-In-Progress Merm and they convert, they will lose the glow status.