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  1. The addition to Beefalo Bells are great, so why not have a building dedicated to them. I think it would also be nice to set alongside Beefalo pens for the avid builders rather than having them on floors/chests. The Bell could be seen hanging from the post if one was to put a bell there; essentially a cleaner way to park your Beefalos while adding aesthetics. Recipe: 2 Boards, Cut Stone/Gold - locked behind Alchemy Station Building Name: Beefalo Bell Post Building Description: Give your Beefalos a well-deserved rest.
  2. I had rebooted the server while the detectors were still active and they were still giving off no light but granting protection from the darkness. I replaced one of the detectors and it started giving off light again. I tried messing with lightning at the point of the video but it did not seem to have any effect on the detectors. 2020-11-01 11-43-52.mp4
  3. Upon placing an Astral Detector after having to find the pieces above ground, the game registers it as giving off light but visually does not show it. 2020-11-01 10-48-48.mp4
  4. Was making a round of collecting honey and when I was cleaning up, I noticed the bee boxes were still gaining honey despite no bees present to collect pollen from flowers. I don't recall ever seeing this before the previous bug issue where Bees would not produce more honey if they were off-screen for an extended period of time before Dusk hit and causing a reset. Not sure if that bug has any ties to these bee boxes producing honey with no bees. 2020-09-14 06-23-39.mp4
  5. Rather rare chance to have this dilemma occur unless you were actively trying to achieve this. 2020-09-02 20-42-17.mp4
  6. Just collision causing entities outside the boundaries of normal land. It is something to note but otherwise easily avoidable. 2020-09-01 23-20-10.mp4
  7. This had shown itself when I was playing in my own world during a Spring rain and a thunder strike happened the same time Night had hit. 2020-09-01 20-47-35.mp4
  8. The problem you did was telelocating the last beefalo. If you want to change the herd point you need to use a beefalo horn and lure it to your desired spot. When you had telelocated your beefalo, that beefalo is now trying to walk to its original herd point (due to being too far out of its home) to before you telelocated. Herd entities do not spawn where the parent is but instead where the herd point is. That is why there was a baby beefalo where the original beefalo was at pre-telelocated. Edit: The herd point is mostly detectable during Dusk as Herd entities (Beefalo, Volt Goats, Mooslings, etc) crowd among themselves in a single spot. Think of it as an invisible pole with invisible leashes on every single entity that's attached to the herd point. If they walk too far from the herd point, they are forced to walk closer to it (and prevents the herd point from updating). During Dusk, the range of which they are able to walk away from the herd point is decreased (and expands again when Daylight hits)
  9. Stacks are shown to cause an incorrect value when splitting them and do not display the item overlaying each other to an existing stack. Edit: Similar stacking issues can occur when travelling through the overworld/caves and presumably, a disconnect to reconnect to server. 2020-08-25 22-46-16.mp4 2020-08-25 22-39-29.mp4 2020-08-25 22-46-16.mp4 2020-08-25 22-46-16.mp4 2020-08-25 22-46-16.mp4
  10. Not sure if this mechanic was intended but this has been a thing for years now. A more interesting thing to note is that if you are currently drying off while being wet and its raining, you take "drying damage". When it stops raining, you no longer take drying damage.
  11. Clicking a tile then resetting the game does not revert the highlighted selection upon reset, which can be done multiple times. This has no effect on the actual gameplay itself. Actions that remove the highlighted areas (de-selecting, mixing, invalid mixing) will remove the highlighted bug.