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World Regrowth growing things out of place.

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World Regrowth doesn't take in consideration turf or structures when choosing a placement. It just grows anywhere out of pure disrespect. Not to mention neither World Regrowth or Twiggy Trees are turned on.





This sometimes causes problems like not being able to dispose of it without destroying the structure it decided to spawn on. Or not being able to dispose of it at all if it spawns in the middle of a pond or other indestructible structure.

Steps to Reproduce

Turn World Regrowth or any other option under it to none, disregard your choice because it doesn't work anyway, wait for it to grow undesirably anywhere in the world.

User Feedback

I've had the pond one happen to me a lot. You miiiight be able to weather pain it? But I wouldn't be surprised if the console controls stop you from targeting anything but the pond :(

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