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Workshop Mods take so long to register into my Steam Files

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i've been having this trouble for a long time now and i have no idea what's causing

whenever i subscribe to a mod, it doesnt automatically register

it takes about days, weeks, months to register into my steam files so i can actually view and use it

same thing goes when updates are available

this is a great problem because im trying to work on a mod, and without access to other mods to look on for help, it just gets confusing on how to make what i want

not only that, because of this bug i cant even play with some people with mods enabled

basically i just cant enjoy the game to its full extent

someone please, just please, help!

Steps to Reproduce
nothing at all, it just doesnt register
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User Feedback

Just now, CarlZalph said:

When you subscribe, go into the mods tab at the main menu of the game to have it fetch the files and then you may enable it there.

what do you mean exactly by fetching and enabling?

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nevermind i finally found the solution to fixing this problem

my computer's clock is broken, and the time always repeats after a whole hour

i need to reset the time whenever i subscribe to mods so that steam knows that it needs to download the mod files

i dont know why i didnt find this out earlier!

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