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Willow default and skin sprite errors!

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Willow has these cute unique "whiskers" on her sprite. Thought I've noticed they disappear on her side sprites and additionally in her "fear"/"insanity" face sprites.
All of her skins have them missing on the side view. However the Forlorn Doll is the one exception to this. The scratches are on both angles.
Here's an example. You can see the whiskers/scratches are missing on the side sprite and the insanity one. This also applies to all of her skins too, I believe.

Another, more in the way bug is that her eyelashes aren't aligned properly in her talking sprites, making them twitch when she's talking as so.
This one's impossible to ignore once noticed and I adore this skin so much I hope it gets fixed!

Steps to Reproduce

Play as Willow, notice whiskers from the front view are missing on the side view.

Additional use the GoH/Formal Skin, examine/talk and notice the eyelashes are twitching.

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