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Wildfires getting set to default after initially set to never

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I created a new world with no disease and wildfires, and by the time it got to summer I started to see stuff smoldering and being set on fire. At some point in the saves, my world sets wildfires to default.

Steps to Reproduce

I tried to reproduce it in two other files, one without any server mods and another with limited server mods that I thought shouldn't have had any effect on world creation settings. I loaded in, played a bit and then used c_save() several times to simulate time passing and reopened the save file to see if it changed anything. After a certain point I stopped seeing


OVERRIDE: setting    wildfires    to    never

in the console command list upon creation when I created the server for both of those save files, which I would normally see after the override for disease_delay.


I have also tried using the command


TheWorld.topology.overrides.wildfires = "never"

in my older world, which seems to work for 2 sessions before the game sets the wildfires back to default.

User Feedback

i had this bug too, i reached out klei and they said it solved. i suggest you to use no wildfires mod if yours is not solved yet.

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So, I think the wildfires is broken for me, even showing on server status and index files as "none".

setting TheWorld.topology.overrides.wildfires = "never" c_save() c_reset() everytime.

still keep burning stuff.


I found this and dont know what to do anymore.

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