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  1. Same with me..Crashing not completing quest, no elegants, forge is almost done for me
  2. Since beta, I've test all my programs , corsair utility, msi afterburner, skype, discord, epic games, mods off, it still happen, gonna keep looking for what is it
  3. I dont know what can reproduce, its totally random, some times 4 or 3 times a match, sometimes no crash at all. I can send more logs if you want, like, before the match and after crash ?
  4. It is happen with me as well but like 4 or 5 times a match, with my girlfriend is working fine, same network.
  5. Game is crashing for no reason, with no "alert error" it just close. Log from last time Ive played about to 5 or 6 crash on the same match PS: Mods On or Off it happen. client_log.txt
  6. I did install again, same problem, sometimes it crashes 4 or 5 times a run cause i rejoin with my friend No beta for me if playing alone.
  7. My game is crashing without any alert or error, it close anytime, randomly, 2 times on a forge run.
  8. On forge I ask then about the hammer and ice staff, but not even a reply for it, I hope now cause its you saying they appear to anwser.
  9. Already raising the prices for skins? forge was 12 sets for almost same price o.o Could at least give us the extra items.. ._. Edit: I just some items are distinguished lol haha
  10. Any news about theses disconnects everytime on lobby ?