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  1. So, I think the wildfires is broken for me, even showing on server status and index files as "none". setting TheWorld.topology.overrides.wildfires = "never" c_save() c_reset() everytime. still keep burning stuff. I found this and dont know what to do anymore.
  2. The beta is gone, and still the same problem ._. I can't create a server cause he point to beta
  3. It happen with someone on the foruns as well, but he had help from klei, but he did response the post anymore
  4. I dont know where says to read that. I already delete for test almost everything, but it creates again and problem happen
  5. Since the beta went live, I'm hosting my server on it Now I try to start my old servers (non-beta) it gives a message of Invalid Token, then I figure out that when I start the server, on log says "PersistRootStorage" pointing to dstbeta folder. It's creating a copy of my server on beta's folder but with no game settings. It's like the game doesnt let me create a non beta server anymore, anyone know what is happening here? Already did - A new dedicated server base folder with the command +app_update 343050 validate +quit - A new dedicated server folder redownload steamcmd again.
  6. Why can I have all them giant? They need to stay close to at least 2 of their own family to grow? If it's the case, we never gonna have all them giant or I just miss something? Need help :x
  7. Same with me..Crashing not completing quest, no elegants, forge is almost done for me
  8. Since beta, I've test all my programs , corsair utility, msi afterburner, skype, discord, epic games, mods off, it still happen, gonna keep looking for what is it
  9. I dont know what can reproduce, its totally random, some times 4 or 3 times a match, sometimes no crash at all. I can send more logs if you want, like, before the match and after crash ?
  10. It is happen with me as well but like 4 or 5 times a match, with my girlfriend is working fine, same network.
  11. Game is crashing for no reason, with no "alert error" it just close. Log from last time Ive played about to 5 or 6 crash on the same match PS: Mods On or Off it happen. client_log.txt
  12. I did install again, same problem, sometimes it crashes 4 or 5 times a run cause i rejoin with my friend No beta for me if playing alone.
  13. My game is crashing without any alert or error, it close anytime, randomly, 2 times on a forge run.