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When I try to load the game as Woodie I crash

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So I'm testing the new Beta with mods and previously crashed because of two mods and after I removed them I still am crashing. 

I give up.PNG

Steps to Reproduce

I just started the server and became Woodie.

User Feedback

Is it just starting as Woodie? I tried to reproduce it today and I could play properly.


Yes, it was also in the beta, I believe it could be one of your mods? I'll put a list of the client mods I use here, this server was created just for test, so it was withouth caves (maybe the caves are bugging him? I'll try it too):

- ActionQueue Reborn;

- Boss Indicators;

- Camera Tweaks;

- Combined Status;

- Craft Pot;

- Geometric Placement;

- Gesture Wheel;

- Hellish Hellhounds from Hell;

- Item info;

- Rotate Structures;

- Save Equipment slots;

- Show Nicknames;

- Status announcements;

- Waypoint;

- Wormwood flowers extended.



Ok, launched it with caves and didn't have any crashes either. I don't know what is happening to your game. Maybe check your mods list for any mods that wasn't mentioned above?

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