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Wetness does not reduce during winter

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This is something I noticed when sailing in the winter. Be it from a wave or from mistimed paddling, my character will accumulate wetness and the wetness will not decrease over time, despite there not being a constant source of wetness to account for.

Steps to Reproduce

Botch the rowing thing during winter and gain wetness. Then sit back and watch as the wetness refuses to go down on its own.

User Feedback

components \ moisture.lua :

function Moisture:GetDryingRate(moisturerate)
    -- Don't dry if it's raining
    if (moisturerate or self:GetMoistureRate()) > 0 then
        return 0

    local heaterPower = self.inst.components.temperature ~= nil and math.clamp(self.inst.components.temperature.externalheaterpower, 0, 1) or 0

    local rate = self.baseDryingRate
        + easing.linear(heaterPower, self.minPlayerTempDrying, self:GetSegs() < 3 and 2 or 5, 1)
        + easing.linear(TheWorld.state.temperature, self.minDryingRate, self.maxDryingRate, self.optimalDryingTemp)
        + easing.inExpo(self:GetMoisture(), 0, 1, self.maxmoisture)

    return math.clamp(rate, 0, self.maxDryingRate + self.maxPlayerTempDrying)
  1. baseDryingRate equals 0 => 0
  2. There's no heat source near you, heaterPower equals 0 and self.minPlayerTempDrying equals 0 => 0
  3. It's Winter and the Temperature of the world is <0, self.minDryingRate equals 0 => 0
  4. inExpo is only greater than 0 if your Moisture is big enough => 0

Zero plus zero plus zero plus zero equals: Zero!

Which means that you aren't supposed to dry during winter if you aren't standing next to a heat source.

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2 hours ago, Viktor234 said:


On one hand, I was kinda sad to learn this was intended.

On the other hand, it does make sense aaaand it led me to the realization that I can dry up really fast by dropping a Scorching Sunfish on the floor of my boat and standing on top of it. Just not long enough for it to make my boat go up in flames.

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