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Well, It's Not a BAD Bug, But...

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I've been having the weirdest thing lately:  For like, three or four worlds in a row, I've had this thing where if I go out on a trip during winter (might've been in another season at least once) and then come back to camp, I find exactly the same three, unexplained things lying next to my firepit:

1 beard hair

1 beefalo wool

1 spider silk

There haven't been any Wilsons on my server, this usually only happens when _everybody_ is away from camp/I'm the only player, it happened both pre and post Antlion, I'm on the beta, and while I have some mods, I don't see how any of them could be relevant to this.  Also, none of them did anything like this before.  Is Charlie giving me a little present for Year of the Gobbler...?  Very odd.  The beard hair could be if a rabbit died there while I was crazy?  but there aren't any rabbit holes that close.  That also doesn't explain the other two things.  Tumbleweeds would have two of the items but not the beard hair!

I mean, not that I'm complaining, but what the what!  XD

(My currently-used mods are:  Willow the Unnerfed, Shipwrecked Characters, Winnie, No Thermal Stone Durability, Ice-Fling Range Check, Pickle It!, Auto Re-Equip Weapon, Auto Health Adjust and Painted Pig Houses.  On the client side:  Gesture Wheel and Dusk and Night Music.  Everything is up to date..)

Is this some fun little bonus everybody's getting but nobody's mentioning, or does my game and my game alone have some deranged Winter Present Fairy?  : P


Steps to Reproduce
Um...play in my game and leave camp alone in winter...? This happened in both a completely default world, and one in which I randomised the seasons and turned down a couple things.
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You play Willow, right? The Ghost of Wilsons Past wants to remind you of the scratchy beauty of Willowson.

Now, for real: you will need to attach your log for the devs to look into the issue. I don't see it here.

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Oh.  I've never seen that happen.  Huh.  Now I'm trying to remember if I had Bernie with me or not every time this happened.  Also, I should point out that this did confuse other people, so it's not just me.  And it seemed weird it only happened when I wasn't there, and always in the same season...

And also I thought this maybe wasn't log-worthy...

On the bright side, I love that the notification I got for this was "Arlesienne has liked a bug."  : P


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