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Warly Seasoned food doesn't count as a different food

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Hi =D,

I'm not sure this was something that was changed a couple of updates ago or recently or maybe it was always like this, but I'm almost certain that a cooked food seasoned by Warly (with honey, salt, pepper or garlic) was considered a new dish and Warly would get the full benefits (hunger, health and sanity) before but now it's regarded as the same dish seasoned or not. 

So normally if Warly eat Meatballs and then eat another Meatballs he would have a debuff of 10% on the benefits gained from the second repeated dish because he is eating the same food within a certain time. The more of the same dish he eats the lower will be benefits that dish gives, all good here, and Warly even talks about how bad it is eating the same thing.
Now, what I believe is the issue is that Sweet Meatballs is considered also Meatballs, so if you already ate meatballs before, it will give you lower benefits the same way you would receive reduced benefits from eating a second Meatballs dish. To make this even weirder, the Warly speech does not make it look like he is not enjoying the seasoned meatballs, quite the contrary actually. 
While checking this, I also noticed that anything that was seasoned with salt is still considered bland by Warly, even if it is the first time he eats the dish, but it is also the only way that his speech follows the same pattern as the nonseasoned food.

Is this something intended? That meatballs and sweet/spicy/garlic/salty meatballs are all the same dish. 
If yes, I would suggest, if possible, that the Warly speech is updated in order to reflect the reduced benefits even when eating a seasoned dish. It would be easier to identify if we are receiving the full benefits or not.

Thank you for your time =D

Steps to Reproduce

Start the game with Warly.
Eat a dish of meatballs (or any other dish), and take note of how much benefits you receive.
Eat the same dish but now seasoned with chilly/garlic/honey/salt and note the benefits received. 

User Feedback

I've never seen that feature ingame but heard players talking about it. I'm pretty sure that this "Warly Seasoned food doesn't count as a different food" feature did just exist because of any server mod running on the server you were playing on, but I dunno which one.

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