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  1. Hi again, I'm still going around the issue in making the abandon button work when caves are enabled =(. I have attached the modmain file where the code is (The part of the code regarding this are lines #24 and #25 and also from line #552 to #631). As mention, it works well when caves are not enabled, but it doesn't work at all if the world have caves. Some direction to what to look for would be very appreciated =) Thank you very much! (I have also attached all the files of the mod in case something else is needed) modmain.lua My Pet V2.95.8.7z
  2. Hi =D, I'm not sure this was something that was changed a couple of updates ago or recently or maybe it was always like this, but I'm almost certain that a cooked food seasoned by Warly (with honey, salt, pepper or garlic) was considered a new dish and Warly would get the full benefits (hunger, health and sanity) before but now it's regarded as the same dish seasoned or not. So normally if Warly eat Meatballs and then eat another Meatballs he would have a debuff of 10% on the benefits gained from the second repeated dish because he is eating the same food within a certain time. The more of the same dish he eats the lower will be benefits that dish gives, all good here, and Warly even talks about how bad it is eating the same thing. Now, what I believe is the issue is that Sweet Meatballs is considered also Meatballs, so if you already ate meatballs before, it will give you lower benefits the same way you would receive reduced benefits from eating a second Meatballs dish. To make this even weirder, the Warly speech does not make it look like he is not enjoying the seasoned meatballs, quite the contrary actually. While checking this, I also noticed that anything that was seasoned with salt is still considered bland by Warly, even if it is the first time he eats the dish, but it is also the only way that his speech follows the same pattern as the nonseasoned food. Is this something intended? That meatballs and sweet/spicy/garlic/salty meatballs are all the same dish. If yes, I would suggest, if possible, that the Warly speech is updated in order to reflect the reduced benefits even when eating a seasoned dish. It would be easier to identify if we are receiving the full benefits or not. Thank you for your time =D
  3. Thank you for the suggestion @rawii22 =D. At the moment we are trying to create a button that will appear bellow the adoption button when you adopt a pet near the Rock Den. Works great without caves, but is all broken when we add caves to the world =(. We are trying to figure out how can we make it work when we have caves enabled, but we are still a bit lost =(. Again thank you, we will take your advice into consideration =D
  4. Hi =D If you send the crash log we might be able to help you better. Even if you don't see a crash in your screen (sometimes the game closes straight away) the crash will be logged in the log file. In case you are not aware, the log file I'm talking about can be found sometimes in your documents>Klei>DoNotStarveTogether. it's the client_log.txt file. Cheers =D
  5. Hi Everyone =D, So after the last update (Walter and Woby) a lot of things starter to crash in the mod I help maintain (My Pet) since Woby shares a lot of things with the critters code. One of the changes implemented by Klei was how the game shows the Abandon action when near the Rock Den. In order to avoid people abandoning Woby they made a check that if the pet is a container the abandon action will never show only the Pet Action. klei files componentactions.lua crittertraits = function(inst, doer, actions, right) if inst.replica.follower ~= nil and inst.replica.follower:GetLeader() == doer then if right then if inst.replica.container then -- Added for wobysmall table.insert(actions, ACTIONS.PET) elseif doer.replica.builder ~= nil and doer.replica.builder:GetTechTrees().ORPHANAGE > 0 and not inst:HasTag("noabandon") then table.insert(actions, ACTIONS.ABANDON) end elseif inst.replica.container == nil then --V2C: @Scott: Should this always be available??? table.insert(actions, ACTIONS.PET) end end end This is a big issue since My Pet mod transforms the critters in a container by default (like Woby). So my issue here is that I can't create a way to go around the check Klei implemented so the Abandon option never appears because as soon as the game detects the Pet as a container it will not show the Abandon. What I thought I could do was to create a new Component Action in order to divert the check Klei did to the new one I create, the issue here is that I don't know how to create a new Component Action, and the tentative of copying one never worked. I tried to add the file componentactions.lua to the My Pet files, but I can't make the mod access that one instead of the one in klei files (I'm aware this might not be the best way to code a mod, but I was desperate xD ). Any help with this will be very appreciated =D My Pet Mod Let me know if you need anything else in order to help me =)
  6. Hi =D If you try to adopt a pet with Walter he will not do it saying that Woby will be jealous, but if you start with a different character, adopt a critter and then change characters to Walter (in the same world using the upgraded Florid Postern) you will keep the critter of the last character, and like that having Woby and an extra critter. I'm not sure if this is intended because Woby and the critter keep running at each other to get to the same place, but maybe it is. Cheers
  7. Why not keep both damage multiplier mechanics? Time of the day based damage, and Wendy's health reduction/Abigail increase damage. Don't see why that would be an issue and I believe both would fit the character. My "issue" with the rework was that the tonics lasted very little time, and that Abigail was still slower than Wendy when normally walking, The rest was great! So i'm very happy with the new update I would only ask that Abigail speed would match Wendys speed (like the little new ghost we have to assist does). Again, thank you very much for taking care of us and the game Klei, you guys are awesome!
  8. Hi Recently my group of friends have noticed that we don't have the seasons music (even though all sounds are set to 10). The music I'm referring to are the ones that play during summer or winter for example or went the Mosegoose. Sometimes they play but after a few seconds they go off again I don't activate again. Combat music does play. I started a new world with no mods activated and I still don't have music only the effects and ambient sound. I attached the log of my game. Hope someone can help me. Thank you so much in advance. Best regards, Cleyven
  9. Hi, I have the same issue and it seems the problem is due to the mod called Mypets. As soon as we deactivate the mod everything runs as normal. If you check the comments on MyPets mod you will see a couple of people reporting the same problem. You can even see the logs of the crash. Let's hope the creator of MyPets updates the mod so we can play with it again. It make having pet's so much meaningful and worth it. By the way, you don't need to have Wormwood in the world or even be in the beta mode to have the issue. The problem according to the reports of other persons is related to some new commands created when the Wormwood update was introduced. Cheers, Cleyven