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Warly and Walter sprites are DYN instead of zipped

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Warly and Walter sprites are .dyn instead of .zip, and since they aren't DLC characters, make them inaccessible to people such as myself without tools that are able to access .dyn files (files that we aren't supposed to touch anyways).

It would be appreciated if they were accessible :)

Steps to Reproduce

Try looking for Warly and Walter sprites to do thumbnails. See they are inaccessible. :'(

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User Feedback

I've seen this mentioned here and there but this isn't fully true! You can open their dyn files (and any default character ones) with zip programs like winrar or 7zip and you'll get the atlas as if it were zipped, they're not encrypted like the skins. Their builds are separateĀ in anim_dynamic.zip

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