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Wanda's skirt flips when walking and attacking with Alarming Clock.

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Her skirt flips when walking, this includes her default skin's apron and Tinkersmith's apron although it's significantly less noticable on the that skin. A lot more noticable when she carries a heavy object like marble. He skirt flips everywhere in every direction one way or another. Rear, side, and front.




Steps to Reproduce

Play as Wanda in her default outfit, notice how the skirt flips when walking or carrying something heavy.

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Technically, every other skirt does this. It's just that most of them are symmetrical so you don't notice it.

The animators just flip the skirt horizontally in that running animation when they first made it way way back, because why create a whole new sprite for skirts when they were all symmetrical anyways? While it's not impossible to fix this bug, its just sorta more trouble than worth y'know? Hope that gives some understanding.

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