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Wanda and Wickerbottom Underwear Bug

Dr. Safety
  • Known Issue

There are a couple "full body" torso skins in which the dress on Wanda and Wickerbottom's undergarments have priority, as shown below. It is fine if you wear pants, so it really isn't a big deal at all, but I figured it was not intended. Both body items have the same issue on both characters, and there might be more outfits that do this on these two, but this is all I was able to find:

Abigail's Overalls:

Torn Costume (Wigfrid's Survivor Body):

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Choose Wanda or Wickerbottom
  2. Wear no cosmetics besides head item
  3. Equip either Abigail's Overalls or the Torn Costume
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User Feedback

Changed Status to Known Issue

Unfortunately the priority of layering is defined by the torso/body piece, so there are some quirks like these cases.

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