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Visual issues with hand-held Item Equip and Unequip animations.

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(Game slowed down to a time scale of 2/30 to make clearer, this is still visible at normal time scale ( To me at least : P ) )

When equipping and unequipping hand-held items, there are some issues you can notice with the visuals.

When equipping an item, you can see the player in their arm_carry position for a frame before the actual equip animation starts.


The polar opposite issue exists for unequipping hand-held items, for a frame the player will go back to the default normal arm position with no item in hand, and then start the unequipping animation.


Both of these issues are caused due to stategraph events being put on a queue for the next frame update, instead of being called immediately.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Equip and unequip items while standing still

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User Feedback

equipable.onequipfn is executed in inventory:Equip() -> equipable:Equip(), showing the ARM_cary symbol, and then the "equip" event is pushed in inventory:Equip(), running the anim in stategraph.

A delay of 3 frames to run equipable.onequipfn works, but is probably not ideal.

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