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Updates break first world created in Klei's official endless servers.

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Was playing on Carrot Bunch (endless) - South America - Public server since the hotfix came out, a webber died on the first few days and couldn't use the portal. I died later, on day 38, tried to use it and I also couldn't.

I joined the rest of the official klei endless public servers and i was able to die and immediately resurrect, except for Australia and Europe.

All of these servers started countdown to regen after death. Portal wasn't available for resurrection. But from my experience playing on Carrot Bunch, you don't get the ghost sanity drain penalty for players who are dead.

I don't know if the steps to reproduce will work however, because after the Europe server regenerated I rejoined and the portal seemed to work as intended... 
Perhaps the first world that gets generated after an update gets its gamemode messed up? Since these 3 servers weren't really advanced, I'd say they weren't regenerated by players after the update's mandatory restart.

Some pictures to show I'm not crazy:




It seems that this bug was already posted but they couldn't replicate it: 

PS = Sorry to the folks in the Europe pub, I couldn't find a resurrection stone... 15 autumn days were lost... FOR SCIENCE!

EDIT: Edited title for clarity

Steps to Reproduce

1-Join one of the mentioned official Klei endless servers (or probably any of klei's endless server) after an update releases.
3- Try to haunt the portal and observe as there is no prompt to resurrect.
4- Watch as the world countdown to regenerate begins and contemplate your life choices

User Feedback

I took the opportunity to join all endless ASAP after the last update and can confirm, all of them were tagged "endless" but weren't working properly (no resurrection via portal + countdown to restart)

Regenerating the world (either by voting or dying) will fix this issue. It's still a bug that should be fixed sometime though, otherwise players might spend days in them and lose all progress to mistakes or new players dying.

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The fix would be to change "game_mode=survival" to "game_mode=endless" in cluster.ini for Klei's endless servers immediately after a game update is released after the server files are rebuilt, but before the first regen of the server.

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