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Unlockable features do not work in self-hosted games

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On self-created worlds, every unlockable item (Character skins, item skins, unlockable emotes such as carol and shrug, and even DLC characters) is unable to be used. This means that skins simply don't show up, emotes can't be used, and trying to select a DLC character defaults to Wilson. I have tried verifying my game files countless times, and it hasn't made any difference.

I should note that very rarely, all of these functions work. However, rejoining a world that I was Wortox in while under the effects of this bug will send me back to the florid postern and prompt me to select a character.

Steps to Reproduce

-Play as me

-Select a dlc character, perform an unlockable emote, or use a skin On private, self hosted servers. This does not happen on other player's servers.

User Feedback

2 hours ago, lakhnish said:

Are you in online mode or offline mode?

I'm in online, because friends are able to join and I cannot play offline games. 

But it is basically all of the symptoms of offline play.

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