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Unable to use profile icons

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I recently wanted to change around my survivor profile by enabling various profile portraits and icons , but now for some odd reason the profile icon won't show for me or other players while playing on public servers. When on a public server, my icon is set to the default grey icon and it is bugging me quite a bit.

This is what I've tried & noticed so far:

* I've restarted my PC, verified integrity of game files and even reinstalled the game (No mods used)

* When in the profile curio, the game remembers my selected icon & portrait

* When hosting a solo world, the game shows my icon & portrait as intended

* When playing on a dedicated public server, my portrait is updated and showing as intended, but the icon won't show for me or other players

* I also tried unraveling my currently equipped icon and re-weaving it, but to no avail


I've really no idea what might be causing this and other people I've played with don't want to change their icons in fear of this bug happening to them, so I can't tell if this has happened to others or if just I'm a victim of circumstance...



Steps to Reproduce

I was just mix-matching icons & portraits, nothing else really

User Feedback

UPDATE: After some more experimenting I discovered that Icons/portraits sometimes won't de-select when enabling another icon/portrait, leading to multiple icons/portraits being active at once & not updating properly. This occurance is somewhat tricky to replicate and seem to have happened to me spontaneously.

The issue is now resolved for me but devs might want to look into it further, hope this information helps anyone else with this problem!

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It doesn't work for me either, but it works fine for my girlfriend, i tried selecting different portrait frames and icons but it still doesn't work , it does however show on the curio cabinet


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