Unable to Launch or Connect to server PS4 UK

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I live in the UK and I haven’t been able to launch or connect to a server for the past 3 hours.

I’ve actually been playing almost all day until around 6pm. I logged out for about an hour, went back to login again and it just continuously is launching server or connecting, depending on if I host or browse.

My partner also has DST, her PS4 is doing the exact same thing on her account.

Steps to try and resolve taken on both PS4’s:

- Reinstalled game

- Restarted modem and router

- Switched PS4 network to hot-spotted smart phone.

- Restarted PS4 and game several times

- Checked for updates (none)

Any help would be greatly appreciated, we’ve got a base to build!

Steps to Reproduce

Login online mode.


Select server.





Login online mode.


Select desired server.



User Feedback

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Klei, I hope you guys are putting pressure on Sony, there’s only one player server online which no one can connect to and the rest are dedicated servers. The player server has been kept online since yesterday which is why it’s still listed. 


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