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The tamed beefalo can not be buffed by spicy food

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In previous versions, the tamed beefalo can be buffed by Warly's powders(although it was worked by rider not the beefalo).

In waterlog version, the beefalo can not be buffed by powders like past anymore, and I did not find any state in log.

Maybe it 's  a good time to change the way of beefalo's buff.(you know when the rider EAT the seasoning foods but the beefalo get the buff, that's so weird).

Thanks for your work(especially Zark:D)

Steps to Reproduce

just eat the seasoning food and ride a beefalo, and check the DPH.

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User Feedback

And, the beefalo can still be buffed by goat chaud friod like past way, also no effects with garlic foods.

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what's going on...is this a bug? is this by purpose? have the developer seen this report?

running me up to wall...

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