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Tapestry Still Has Box For Fish

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Hello, adding to the list of countless Wurt related issues, I'd like to point out the fact that the Tapestry (WIP) still has the extra box for when you had to get numerous fish to create it. This requirement was removed after you could no longer stack fish during the Hook, Line, & Inker update I believe. 


Steps to Reproduce

Build the Royal Tapestry, check the progress of it, see that the box still has the extra space leftover after removing the fish requirement.

User Feedback

Just now, Hornete said:

@Anthony_L3hr This applies to all construction projects, for example you can see Pearl's house has those empty slots too! image.png.a8ba29067a6811014b054b4a6f51034f.png:D

Yeah, forgot about those too, it'd be nice for them to remove the extra slots if possible.

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