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hey there, hope someone can help me as i am not very good with these things.

I returned to play Don`t  starve after not playing it for a while and it gave me this error messeage not even allowing me to enter into the dont starve UI. According to other similar threads i`ve looked at so far i tried to view the intergrity of the files which resulted in no mistakes being detected. After wardsfollowing another threads "answer" to this issue i tried to locate the



However i couldnt locate this file in my local files, please advise on what to do next as i thouroghly enjoy the game ;)


Steps to Reproduce
start up the game from steam or from deskstop.

User Feedback

Hello @Exia96, welcome to the forums. What operating system are you on? Windows/OSX/Linux? If you're on Windows 10, simply pressing the Win key and typing Documents will bring up the default documents folder of your system. Open the first search result and inside you should find the folder called Klei. That folder contains the path DoNotStarveTogether\client_save\profile. Delete the profile file as instructed. Good luck, cheers. 

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good evening


Thank you so much for the help!

after locating the fiels and following the instructions to delete the programm the game functions without a hitch!

thank and have a nice day ;)

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