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Skins not saving/Getting kicked from servers when entering caves

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My skins take about 5 days to save. Every time I log in to a server I have a new present, and it is always the same as I have been getting for the past week or so. It switches every once and a while(5 days), but I have only gotten common or classy items so far. I don't know if this counts as a bug or not. It is really annoying so I hope it is resolved soon.
Also, when I get a new skin it doesn't show up in my collection until a day or two later. I am running on the latest version on Linux Mint.

The caves problem is just that I have to disconnect and reconnect every time I enter/leave a cave or my game crashes. 

Steps to Reproduce
I just run Linux Mint and play on Dedicated Servers.

User Feedback

Hey @CharmedParticle, it looks like you're having difficulty maintaining a solid connection to our servers. I'd suggest reviewing your router settings, and troubleshooting your internet connection with other computers on your network, or by accessing the internet through a friend's connection, so you can try to track down is the connection issue is specific to your pc, or your isp.

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