Seafaring Camera don't work properly on the boat after reset or rollback

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As shown in the video


Steps to Reproduce
  1. rotate the camera to confirm the Seafaring Camera on the boat.
  2. c_save() and c_reset()
  3. rotate the camera.
  4. Seafaring Camera don't work before jumping on the boat again.

User Feedback

58 minutes ago, ScottHansen said:

I was unable to reproduce this.

Thank you for your reply.

So sorry, there's something wrong with my test method.

Seafaring Camera working intended after disable all client mods.

It doesn't work when I enable one of these client mods:

Geometric Placement
ActionQueue RB2 (RWYS supported)
Combined Status
[TMIP]Too Many Items Plus

Can you enable one of them to debug this issue?

Thank you again.

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