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Random crashes & disappearing saves

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The game is pretty unstable. Crashes at random moments. Also saves disappear sometimes. Stuff that took to build hours is suddenly gone, which is very frustrating and demotivating. I am not sure how to reproduce this, it feels random. I am unable to find the mdmp file. I attached a log of a recent crash.

Steps to Reproduce

Not sure.

User Feedback

I have the same problem right now. Me and my friend stopped playing a few months ago because of this, the server crashes for no reason and then rerolls to an earlier point so we lose all our stuff, mods or no mods. Had hoped this would've gotten fixed by now ngl

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If you are running with any mods (client or server), please disable them and see if your issues are resolved (In the case of Szelda's crashes, they are caused by the Turfed! mod (which has not been updated in over 2 years) not being compatible with Wormwood.

If the problems persist, then please open the save folder for your world that is crashing and attach the server_log.txt files found in the Master and Caves folders. The save file can be opened via the world selection menu.

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