Problems with screen tearing

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Hi Klei, 

My framerate in the game is 60 fps but dips down to 59,xx every 10-30 seconds. This causes the game to tear and its quite annoying. 

Im on a laptop with the following specs: Intel quad core i-4210H @ 2.90Ghz, 8 GB RAM, Intel HD graphics 4600/ Nvidia GTX960M 

The game launch parameters is threaded_renderer and - tick rate 60

I run process lasso in the background

Game is set to run on  the Nvidia card + Nvidia physx and with default Nvidia settings but with triple buffering on 


I play "solo mode" on a server with caves. I tried disabling all mods. 


The problem as I see it is the fps drop from 60 to 59,xx which makes the screen tearing. 

Can you please help me? 

Best Regards

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I dont know...

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@Lundov, I think you should check your 3D settings in the NVidia control panel. I suspect that vertical sync is disabled either globally or for Don't Starve Together.

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