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  1. Hi Klei, My framerate in the game is 60 fps but dips down to 59,xx every 10-30 seconds. This causes the game to tear and its quite annoying. Im on a laptop with the following specs: Intel quad core i-4210H @ 2.90Ghz, 8 GB RAM, Intel HD graphics 4600/ Nvidia GTX960M The game launch parameters is threaded_renderer and - tick rate 60 I run process lasso in the background Game is set to run on the Nvidia card + Nvidia physx and with default Nvidia settings but with triple buffering on I play "solo mode" on a server with caves. I tried disabling all mods. The problem as I see it is the fps drop from 60 to 59,xx which makes the screen tearing. Can you please help me? Best Regards Frederik
  2. Walls creates lag unfortunately....... I have performance issues aswell. I posted a bug about memory leak in DST. Which Klei fixed in the last patch. I wish they would optimize Shipwrecked the same way
  3. Memory leak? DST

    I think that was why imsomony. I lanched the game today but only played 2 days. Dosn't seem to be a problem anymore Also. they bug fixed it with the new update - Threaded renderer leak. Ty all for the help and also Klei for fixing the problem.
  4. Memory leak? DST

    Hi Subaru. Thx for the suggestion. Seems there is no "settings.ini" anymore so I cant try it
  5. Memory leak? DST

    Or am I wrong? Please help..
  6. Memory leak? DST

    It seems im wrong. My laptop does only have 64 MB dedicated.... :'(
  7. Hi Klei, I am having a problem playing dont starve together. The game crashes after around day 6. Until then I am running 60 fps constant. My PC (Alienware m14x from 2012) should be able to run Dont starve Together with no problem. - I have no mods. - drivers are updated - I tried validating files in steam - Reinstalling Redist. - Check the files linked below for: Client.log Dxdiag Nvidia settings PC specs Best Regards Frederik L.