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polar light bugs

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1. When character (in my case, Wormwood) gets too cold around the polar light and start to lose health, such effect cannot be canceled by staying beside the scaled furnace, and character continue to freeze+ lose health. 

2. Sometimes the freezing effect can be canceled by running away from the polar star, sometimes it cannot, but logging out +reloading will always solve the problem. 

(My season was summer so it should be warm enough anywhere except for around the polar light)

Steps to Reproduce

1. gets close to the polar star and wait until the character freezes 

2. get away to the scaled furnace nearby

User Feedback

In summer things work a bit wacky. If you are wearing any summer insulation clothes, you will actually stay freezing longer. Did you have any summer insulation clothing on you when this happens?

And you automatically get insulation when it's dusk/night as well.

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