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Players got disconnected while migrating from master or caves on dedicated server.

  • Fixed

Client side:

[00:01:36]: Serializing user: session/40DE418EDF828F0B/A7KIRVHR9BE4/0000000001
[00:04:56]: Serializing user: session/40DE418EDF828F0B/A7KIRVHR9BE4/0000000001
[00:04:56]: [Shard] Starting connection to destination server...
[00:04:56]: [Shard] Getting info of destination server...
[00:04:56]: Attempting to send resume request
[00:05:04]: Connection lost to|10999 <11399322564300207636>
[00:05:36]: CURL ERROR: (lobby.klei.ca) Failed to connect to lobby.klei.ca port 80: Timed out
[00:05:36]: [Shard] OnDestinationInfoResponse Connecting to master=(N)
[00:05:36]: [Shard] Error requesting destination server info failed, .
[00:05:36]: [Connect] PendingConnection::Reset(true)
[00:05:36]: PushNetworkDisconnectEvent With Reason: "ID_DST_DESTINATION_SERVER_NOT_AVAILABLE", reset: true
[00:05:36]: [Steam] Game Connection terminated (2067353032|10999)
[00:05:36]: [Shard] Stopping shard mode
[00:05:36]: ModWorkshop::CancelDownloads clearing all unfinished downloads
[00:06:04]: Communications with routing cluster 'dxb' established.
[00:06:18]: DoRestart:    false    
[00:06:19]: ModWorkshop::CancelDownloads clearing all unfinished downloads


Server side:

[00:00:50]: Sim paused
[00:01:37]: New incoming connection|4150 <2317169669334608082>
[00:01:37]: Client connected from|4150 <2317169669334608082>
[00:01:37]: ValidateGameSessionToken pgs-sing^KU_aj_ZjAt4^DontStarveTogether^6FdF2pR2PiDw3+FQeCBem2ylsu0nliyriKd3AuvBVtI= for <2317169669334608082>
[00:01:39]: Client authenticated: (KU_aj_ZjAt4) 疯狂的毛毛
[00:01:39]: [Steam] Authenticated host '76561198287429182'
[00:01:42]: There is no active event to validate against.
[00:01:42]: [Shard] Read save location file for (KU_aj_ZjAt4)
[00:01:50]: Resuming user: session/40DE418EDF828F0B/A7KIRVHR9BE4
[00:02:30]: Spawn request: wolfgang from 疯狂的毛毛
[00:02:30]: Skin request: (wolfgang_gladiator) () () () ()
[00:02:30]: Spawning player at: [Fixed] (-214.00, 0.00, -2.00)    
[00:02:30]: Serializing user: session/40DE418EDF828F0B/A7KIRVHR9BE4/0000000003
[00:02:30]: Sim unpaused
[00:05:48]: Validating portal[7] <-> 2[7] (active)    
[00:05:50]: Activating portal[7] to 2    
[00:05:50]: Serializing user: session/40DE418EDF828F0B/A7KIRVHR9BE4/0000000003
[00:05:50]: [Shard] Migration request: (KU_aj_ZjAt4) to Cave(2)
[00:05:50]: [Shard] Begin migration #1 for (KU_aj_ZjAt4)
[00:05:50]: [Shard] #1 [SHDMASTER](1) -> Cave(2)
[00:05:50]: [Shard] #1 <- session/40DE418EDF828F0B/A7KIRVHR9BE4/0000000003
[00:05:50]: CloseConnectionWithReason: ID_DST_SHARD_SILENT_DISCONNECT
[00:05:50]: [Steam] SendUserDisconnect for '76561198287429182'
[00:05:50]: [Shard] (KU_aj_ZjAt4) disconnected from [SHDMASTER](1)
[00:06:50]: [Shard] Migration for KU_aj_ZjAt4 timed out.
[00:06:50]: [Shard] Cancelling pending migration #1 for (KU_aj_ZjAt4)
[00:06:50]: Sim paused
[00:07:31]: Serializing world: session/40DE418EDF828F0B/0000000003
[00:07:31]: [Shard] Stopping shard mode
[00:07:31]: Collecting garbage...
[00:07:31]: lua_gc took 0.21 seconds




Steps to Reproduce
Dedicated server run on Ubuntu 14.04 x64 1. Start a typical master & caves server without any mod either client or server sides. 2. Login to the server and find a sinkhole to go to another shard. 3. Get the 'Server not available' messagebox pop up.

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

I also have this exact same problem. Worked yesterday, restarted the server today and now users can not access the caves anymore. The server is modded, though. My log looks mostly the same. Right after a user tries to migrate, the server states


Host is a Debian Jessie system (64bit) and the server is endless.

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I am having the same issue, but can't find any way to enter caves. I did have one user in the caves before update and couldn't log on to the server because of it. I deleted her profile in the server files to let he back into the overworld.

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