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  1. CURL errors are speciality of Klei. Get used to it.
  2. Please make sure that replica.container exists. Sometimes container would be soon removed when adding.
  3. KillJoyStressTest may run after the pumpkin being removed. Uploading your log may be better.
  4. Can u tell me whether inst is invalid or not?
  5. Here's log. This problem disturbs all mod players!!!
  6. Please keep it truncating although there's players in the game.
  7. I set max_snapshots = 300 but I found some clusters have files over 2 000 days, those filled my disk. I installed a mod that auto saves in the middle of the day.
  8. Notice that there is a 'Migration by user ('KU_6KT_xhmC') failed (177). ' with no reasons before disconnecting.
  9. [00:01:09]: Serializing world: session/425D2A57D1C8EED9/0000001187 [00:01:28]: [Shard] #937 -> session/425D2A57D1C8EED9/A7GP8TVUTF0C/0000001188 [00:01:28]: [Shard] Received migration #937 data for (KU_6KT_xhmC) [00:02:02]: [P2P] Session request for '76561198331133072' [00:02:05]: [P2P] Create session:|1 '76561198331133072' [00:02:05]: [P2P] Received from|1 '76561198331133072' [00:02:05]: [P2P] Sent to|1 '76561198331133072' [00:02:28]: [Shard] Migration by user ('KU_6KT_xhmC') failed (177). [00:02:45]: New incoming connection|16850 <6693278365887925824> [00:02:45]: Client connected from|16850 <6693278365887925824> [00:02:45]: ValidateGameSessionToken pgs-usc^KU_6KT_xhmC^DontStarveTogether^Fmyo8V9tJ6Wpw8sDhecyGGHJCkFqQV5re33iAVOZSVQ= for <6693278365887925824> [00:02:46]: Client authenticated: (KU_6KT_xhmC) Alex [00:02:46]: [Steam] SendUserConnectAndAuthenticate for '76561198331133072' [00:02:47]: [Steam] Authenticated client '76561198331133072' [00:03:13]: There is no active event to validate against. [00:03:13]: [Shard] Player 'KU_6KT_xhmC' connected with no incoming migration, disconnecting them. [00:03:13]: CloseConnectionWithReason: ID_DST_USER_CONNECTION_FAILED [00:03:13]: [Steam] SendUserDisconnect for '76561198331133072'
  10. After starting the battle with pigking, pigelites will become transparent, because you deleted their animation "atk_object" in recently version.
  11. The connecting to login-sing server is not very stable, and once [Http] 'login-sing.kleientertainment.com': Falling back to method #2 appears, the ValidateGameSessionTokenResponse will not be reconnected permanently until the game restarts. Players cannot join the game because of ID_DST_GAME_SESSION_AUTH_FAILED. The same problem is steam will be resolved quickly, because it can reconnect automatically.
  12. Just wait for hours and restart your server. This problem is caused by klei's items server's lag.
  13. I don't know why, but it should be add "inst.persists = false"