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Pengulls do not wake up/help fight back on herdmember being attacked while herd is asleep

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This has been (to my memory) a very longstanding "bug" that has been in the game since before the Return of Them updates (to my memory, it originally came about back when the Caves Beta came out in late 2015). Pengulls as a herd do not wake up / fight back when you attack them at night or when they are asleep, and this behavior has never made sense. (Even the targeted pengull does not fight back as much as it normally would). After playing the game for long, and eventually hosting servers/learning how to make mods and code, I eventually ended up reading the penguin.lua code for the pengulls themselves, and seemingly discovered the cause of this behavioral change: their sleep/wake up functions being commented out in the game's code 

    -- inst.components.sleeper:SetNocturnal(false)

    inst:ListenForEvent("entermood", OnEnterMood)
    inst:ListenForEvent("leavemood", OnLeaveMood)
    inst:ListenForEvent("onignite", OnIgnite)

I wanted to ask formally if this behavior (them not fighting back properly on being attacked while asleep as a herd) was intentional or not, as they are the only herd mob that exhibits this behavior in the game, and it makes attacking herds of them at night almost completely a nonthreat (and laughably easy). No logs for this one, and possibly not even a bug.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Wait for pengulls to spawn 
2. Wait for them to fall asleep at night 
3. Attack any of the pengulls; you can even alternate between them. The others will either not wake up and help fight, or if they do they will wake up and do nothing but walk around. The pengull you attacked in itself likely will not attack back also. If it does, it will attack back once and then proceed to walk around, and then maybe attack again after a long time. If it feels like it.

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User Feedback

This has been in game so long it's a feature it shouldn't be changed

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19 hours ago, . . . said:

This has been in game so long it's a feature it shouldn't be changed

It arguably should have never been a feature though. It has never made sense in any way whatsoever, and is a gimmick/flaw versus a feature

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