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Old world recognized as a new world after PC crash

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After not playing for a while, I tried launching an old world with caves (listen server), but my PC crashed during the launching process (the crash likely didn't have anything to do with the game).

Now, after rebooting my PC and opening the game again the world shows up at the menu with a question mark symbol and the "A Whole New World" description, but retains its old name. When trying to launch the server, the game attempts to generate a new world (I let it finish generating once and it indeed generated a new world; Afterwards, I returned the save to the state after the crash, which I backed up).

The server does use 3 server mods, but as far as I know they don't tamper with the save data. In addition, when launching the server with the mods after the crash, one mod caused an error during the launch. However, that error was apparently because of some corrupted mod files (which might've not been updated correctly), and after re-downloading that mod, launching the server behaves the same as without mods, that is, the game tries to generate a new world. That leads me to believe the mod error is unrelated to the corrupted/mishandled save file.

Is there any possible way to repair the save data or cause the game to not recognize it as a new world?

Attached are the server log files from right after the crash, and the log files after trying to launch it again and closing it when it says "generating world" (without any mods).

server_log_caves_duringCrash.txt server_log_caves_recognizedAsNew.txt server_log_master_duringCrash.txt server_log_master_recognizedAsNew.txt

Steps to Reproduce

A sudden crash during a listen server launch, possibly.

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