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Oasis Desert Crashes Game.

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I'm on PS4, and my world is currently in summer. I'm not sure if this happens in any other season. Entering the Oasis desert causes an error in the application.

Steps to Reproduce

Go into the oasis desert during summer, you might have to interact with something first like picking a cactus or spiky bush, ect.

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User Feedback

I also have this problem. Of note, it didn't happen to me immediately at the start of summer, because it was still raining and wet. But once the rain dried up and the sandstorm started, I also can no longer travel to the oasis desert without the game crashing. 

I'm playing as Wanda, and I have a Backtrek watch set up at the oasis itself, and the crash occurs both when walking into the oasis desert and when teleporting there. It certainly seems like from what I see that the sandstorm is causing the glitch.

I'll do some further testing to see if other typical summer things happen, namely Antlion making sinkholes. And I'll play through summer into autumn later today to see if it truly is exclusive to the sandstorm.

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