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  1. Exactly as the title says. An exploding gunpowder causes the game to crash
  2. This bug has happened to me as well, playing on PS4. Is there a way to upload some data for devs to review it from PS4?
  3. I also have this problem. Of note, it didn't happen to me immediately at the start of summer, because it was still raining and wet. But once the rain dried up and the sandstorm started, I also can no longer travel to the oasis desert without the game crashing. I'm playing as Wanda, and I have a Backtrek watch set up at the oasis itself, and the crash occurs both when walking into the oasis desert and when teleporting there. It certainly seems like from what I see that the sandstorm is causing the glitch. I'll do some further testing to see if other typical summer things happen, namely Antlion making sinkholes. And I'll play through summer into autumn later today to see if it truly is exclusive to the sandstorm.
  4. No, nothing weird. The part that has me confused is that it's happened on subsequent kills. So I've played around with a single stash, got frustrated, kept the loot, then killed the next Klaus as it spawned, and I've gotten the same loot table. I do recall a specific instance where I spawned the Loot Stash in autumn in Winter's Feast, then changed the world settings to Year of the Gobbler, rolled back the server during the Klaus fight, and the loot stash was no longer present. So I waited until winter, when the loot stash normally spawns and killed Klaus at that point. That may have been the first time I got the loot table I referenced above, but I can't recall for sure. Do you think that this action sequence could have caused the bug?
  5. Not entirely sure how I did it, but I'm on PS4 and I seem to have caused a bug that has frozen the Loot Stash's loot table. 4 different Klaus kills on days 212, 245, 280, and 305 have garnered the exact same loot from each one: 2 life giving amulets, a Bee Queen crown, a Lavae egg, a Red Funcap blueprint, and a down Feather (no Krampus sack, which is really the only reason I'm reporting the bug, let's be honest). I've tried respawning the loot stash multiple times with rollbacks, even changed the event to and from Winter's feast. None of it seems to make a difference, I keep getting the same loot time and time again. The strange part about it is that I had opened two Loot Stashes on prior days (maybe around day 100 and 150?), and both had given me their own unique set of loot. It's just the last four that have been identical to each other. The Midsummer Cawnival event may have installed somewhere in there, I can't remember for sure. Thoughts on how I managed to do this?